New Furniture That Could Be Mistaken for Old Furniture

If you’ve read any of the previous posts on this blog–or if you’ve even just had a glance at the title–you know I like old things. Furniture is no exception.

But do you know what I don’t like? Bedbugs.

Sidebar: when I was a kid I didn’t think bedbugs were a thing that actually existed; I thought it was just a cutesy rhyme your parents told you when they tucked you in at night–the concept of bugs living in a bed seemed inconceivable to me. What would they eat? Ignorance, as they say, is bliss.

I have decided my house was infested with bed bugs on numerous occasions. All false alarms (turns out mosquitos are just really keen on biting me in a straight line), but when you buy a lot of used clothing and don’t always splurge for the nicest hotels in Europe, you learn to sleep with one eye open and  your finger on the trigger of your handheld steamer.

So how do you buy vintage furniture if you’re living in a constant state of bedbug terror?

Pro-tip: it’s really hard to put a sofa in the washing machine.

Thankfully, I’ve noticed a lot of furniture companies are replicating the midcentury modern aesthetic. New furniture, old look. Give me some teak and throw some turquoise fabric on it and I am a happy lady. Extra happy if I don’t even have to think about bedbugs.


1/ Structube $


 2/ Article $$



3/ Joybird $$$



4/ Thrive $$$$


And for those of us living West Elm dreams with IKEA budgets, there’s hope via IKEA hacks:


ikea hack.jpg






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