IMG_3667I started collecting old things by accident.

A friend bought me a pair of vintage lobster claw salt and pepper shakers, but they were missing the rubber stoppers that hold the salt and pepper in. What do you do with a pair of salt and pepper shakers that you can’t actually use? You start a collection of salt and pepper shakers. Now I have 13 12 pairs (RIP chickadee shakers, you were sadly no match for the tile floor) and they live on a shelf in my kitchen.


Not pictured: the shakers that actually have salt and pepper in them. Those live on top of the stove.

From the salt and pepper shakers to the matryoshka dolls. My grandmother gave me one, I found another one at a yard sale for $1, and I thought, “I can’t just have two matryoshka dolls. What does a person do with two of something? I need to have at least three.” (I now have seven). I’m still on the hunt for matryoshka doll salt and pepper shakers. *Checks etsy, finds them in 3 seconds*

Buy them for me here

Collecting things is the best–until it’s time to dust. Collections are a great talking point, you can start calling yourself a “curator” (you probably shouldn’t, but you could), you can use them to decorate (unless you collect porcelain dolls–no one wants to be subjected to that), and people always know what to buy you for birthdays and holidays.

Plus, maybe one day your collection will be worth something (Beanie Babies, I’m looking at you).

Which are my favourite? How dare you ask me that! That’s like choosing a favourite child. (It’s the happy bunnies. They’re just so happy!)



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